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Sea Scout Program Advancement

All Scouts BSA programs have an advancement structure, where scouts go through skills instruction, continue  learning by teaching each other, and progress by gaining experience and more advanced skills in each field covered. Check out some samples of what Ship 1886 is focusing on now below, or see the full Sea Scout advancement program here.

Sample skills


Continuing education

Scouts can also take trainings with external organizations like the Red Cross or scuba certifications to expand the types of activities they're prepared for. Ship 1886 stays up to date with First Aid trainings and also has training opportunities with the local Coast Guard chapters.


Red Cross First Aid

Accessible First Aid instruction online, to stay up to date


Safety at Sea

Safety and emergency maritime training with experts


Scouts BSA Trainings

Advanced national trainings for real-world applications


America's Boating Course

Certification in basic boat handling skills

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